New Australian made products in stock!

Laura Couedel 8/9/20

We expand our products range with 4 new Australian made products!

Let us introduce you to Lauren and Lachlan's Mather's family free-range Bio-dynamic farm on the Murray River near the small township of Barham in Southern NSW. Lauren and Lachlan, small producers, create Free Range Pork products by selecting only Berkshire pigs for their superior flavour and by handling all the boning, packing, smoking small goods and handcrafting charcuterie only metres from where the pigs are grown. 
All their smallgood products are patiently made by hand on the farm using no preservatives or nitrates allowing the full flavour of the meat to shine and using traditional methods of brining, smoking, air-drying and curing to mature the pork into full of flavours charcuterie.


Among our 4 new products, you can find a Nitrate Free Smoked Bacon 200g sliced pack, a Fricandeaux 170ml jar, a Capocollo 100g sliced pack and a Little French Ham also known as "Jambon de Bayonne".

Completely compostable Packaging ✔️
Chemical nitrate-free products ✔️
No artificial additives ✔️
Free of antibiotics ✔️
Gluten-free ✔️

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