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Cheese Accompaniments

Cheese Accompaniments shop.

A small selection of cheese accompaniments. Stay classic with a fig confit or go for a more decadent experience with our onion confit with truffle! They will enhance your cheese experience and also goes very well with Foie Gras.

You can buy online, we ship cheese and cheese accompaniments Australia wide (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Darwin, Cairns, Newcastle...) from Brisbane.

Onion Confit with Truffle, a Cheese platter and Foie gras accompaniments delight.
Onion Confit with Truffle
Black Cherry Confit, cheese accompaniment.
Black Cherry Confit
$8.50 Sold out
Fig Confit, a foie gras or cheese accompaniment.
Fig Confit
$8.50 Sold out
Isigny Ste Mere French Salted cultured butter roll 250g
Isigny Salted Butter Roll 250g
Lescure Salted cultured Butter Roll 250 g
Lescure Salted Butter Roll 250g
$12.00 Sold out
Lescure unsalted cultured butter roll 250g
Lescure Unsalted Butter Roll 250g
$12.00 Sold out