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Fresh pastries at home whenever you feel like filling up your home with that awesome boulangerie smell!
Par-bake range of frozen Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, almond Croissant and more.
Also, our markets best seller Patisserie: Macarons, Caneles, Beignets (French mini Donuts).
Available for local Brisbane delivery only.
French Pastries par-bake (Mix pack of 10)
French Pastries par-bake (Mix pack of 10)
$35.00 $37.00
Chocolate twist bakery
French Chocolate Twist par-bake (pack of 10)
$35.00 Sold out
snail pain aux raisins bakery
French Large Snail par-bake (pack of 10)
Macaron patisserieMacarons (Box of 10)
Macarons (Box of 10)
Caneles French patisserie
Caneles (Box of 4)
$15.00 Sold out
Canele French patisserie
Caneles (Box of 12)
$39.00 $45.00 Sold out
Sourdough baguette bakery
French Sourdough Baguette (par-bake)
beignet mix flavour mini donut bakeryFrench beignet chocolate hazelnut mini donut
Beignet (Mix Pack of 6)
$12.00 $13.50