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New Australian Made and Organic Cheeses in stock!

Our cheese range is growing with the arrival of 4 new Cheeses!

 These cheeses are Australian Made and Organic! ─


L'Artisan Cheese was founded by French Cheesemaker Matthieu Megard. His company make unique and handmade organic cheeses in the rich dairy region of Timboon in South Western Victoria; in mid-2015 they relocated their cheese making facility to Geelong and in 2020 to Mortlake. 


From skimming to moulding, their cheeses are made by hand. By using milk produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way all their cheeses are Organic certified.

This translates into milk with much higher calcium content enabling them to make semi-hard and hard-cooked cheeses in the best conditions. The quality of the cream is also amazing, a direct consequence of the diversity of the cows feed.

Their cheeses have a strong tastes and distinct personalities and bring all the goodness of the local organic grass-fed milk provided by John Smith’s farm from the co-op Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia.

They use the best Australia has to offer to make Traditional French cheeses following recipes and techniques brought from France!


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