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Laura Couedel30/6/20

Bastille Day is a day of celebrations of French culture.

14th July was declared a national holiday in 1880. It honors the event that shaped present day France and  marks the birth of the French Republic. If you are not French, you need to know that The French national day is not called Bastille Day in France but “la FĂȘte Nationale” or “le 14 Juillet”! 


Nowadays, Bastille Day is celebrated all around the world, touting French culture and the ideals of liberty. 

How do they celebrate in France?

France explodes in celebration, many large-scale public events are held all around the country. It includes a traditional military parade from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde in Parsi. There are also a mesmerising fireworks that is set off from the Eiffel Tower and a free concert on the Champ de Mars!

People take advantage of Bastille Day by meeting up with their friends/family to celebrate together. They share their favorite French food: like cheese, sandwiches, charcuterie, pastries..etc


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Have you ever celebrated Bastille day?

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