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What is a typical French breakfast?

Breakfast is called ‘le petit-déjeuner’ in France!

"Breakfast as we know it has not always existed. Its history begins in the XVIIIth century when the custom of drinking coffee and coffee with milk served with toast, spread in the cities. The French term petit déjeuner was coined at the end of the nineteenth century when the current three meals pattern was set up."

So, what is a typical French Breakfast like?

The first thing you can find in a French breakfast is the traditional bread called 'baguette'. Most of the time French people will have one for their breakfast (fact: French people prefer to buy their baguette at the bakery, not at the supermarket). You can have your baguette fresh, toasted, or replaced by rusks (even if it is less soft and tasty). It's up to you but we recommend a real baguette.

Another important step is to spread something tasty on the baguette. It could be butter or jam. Those who spread butter have to choose between salted butter or sweet butter. Most of the time it depends on the French region people are from but in an objective manner, salted butter is and will stay the best!! Other people prefer to spread jam, and some people spread both butter and jam at the same time on their baguette. 

Next to the bread and the pastries, French people like to drink something cold. Most of the time it's a glass of fresh juice (orange or grapefruit juices). 


Pastries are a traditional part of the French Breakfast! 

Also called “viennoiseries” in French, butter croissant and pain au chocolat are a must! In addition, there is a large range of pastries that French People like for their breakfast: ‘Pain aux Raisins’(a spiral-shaped raisin bread), chocolate twistbrioche (a sweet bun), madeleine or the chouquette (a sort of puff with chips of sugar on it).


French people usually drink some kind of coffee for breakfast. Although not everyone drinks coffee for breakfast in France, some of them like to drink tea or hot chocolate. They need a hot drink to soak their bread and pastries in it. This is a very important part of the French breakfast!! 

Deliss Arisan French Food is selling what you need to make a traditional French breakfast: French BaguetteFrench butter croissant, French almond croissant, chocolate croissant, chocolate twist, French large snail(ONLY AVAILABLE FOR BRISBANE DELIVERY)

It is now time to make a perfect traditional French breakfast to begin the day as a real French!



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