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Saucisson Sec, a traditional French food!

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· In France, Saucisson Sec is an appetizer that is very popular at cocktail parties and dinners.

Do you enjoy delicious, flavourful meat? If so you should get your hands on this amazing tasty French food that is a great entry point for the novice to charcuterie. 

If you are looking for authentic French cuisine, then all of our saucissons made locally according to the traditional French recipe are the best meats that you’ll definitely want to try here in Australia!

How is saucisson sec made? 

Like Salami, Saucisson sec is dry-cured and fermented. When we dry-cured the meat, we simply use salt to preserve it. During this process, as the saucisson ages, healthy, natural molds form on the outside of the casings to stop any bad bacteria from contaminating the saucisson.


How to prepare a saucisson? 

In France, saucisson is sliced thinly.  Saucisson has the skin covered in moulds that help to give the saucisson its unique flavor. You can remove it but it is encouraged that you leave the casings on to get the full flavor experience.  

You can enjoy your sliced saucisson with home-baked bread and a slice of Brie cheese for example or you can also enjoy them in salads or sandwiches.


At Deliss, our Saucissons are made locally with 100% Queensland Free Range Pork from the Darling Downs! Gluten-free, nut-free.

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