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A beginner's guide to every type of Cheese (Part.1)

Every region of France has its own particular cheese? At Deliss Artisan French Food you can enjoy some of the most exceptional French cheese.

There’re thousands of different varieties of cheese around the world. They are produced from the milk of cows, sheep, goats, buffalos and other animals and made from curdled milk, drained and then more or less matured. Cheeses have first appeared 7000 years before our era. In the beginning, cheese was eating by mountain people and the working classes only. Nowadays, the cheeses are everywhere.


The question is, do you really know cheese? French cheese does not mean only brie or camembert that you can find in local supermarkets. Some of the cheeses are even labelled to certify their uniqueness!


PDO Label

Did you know that the acronym P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) is affixed to some important traditional French cheeses? This label refers to the region and production area of a specific cheese. It has been established in 1992 by the European Union and labels cheeses whose production, manufacture and elaboration are carried out in a specific geographical area. In French, it is called: a terroir (a land). It thus recognizes know-how. Many of these cheeses are manufactured in small units, so if you want to buy one, you must buy a whole cheese.

The objective of this label is to highlight the typicality of 'a terroir', to control the quality of the cheese, and to protect it from imitations.

At Deliss we make sure you can taste these cheeses here, in Australia!


Roquefort AOP

 This top-of-the-range cheese is a very French gastronomic specialty. You can also call it, 'Cheese of Kings' or ‘King of Cheese’ because it is one of the most famous Cheeses in France. This white, soft blue cheese is a standout amongst its peers. Thanks to the rich, creamy, tangy and salty flavour. Its taste lasts for a long time in the month. By adding Penicillium Roqueforti spores during the production it gives Roquefort cheese unique blue-green veins.

Comte AOP

Comte AOP is one of our most famous cheeses. It is a traditional cheese made from raw milk in the Jura Massif region of France for more than 1000 years. By being labeled AOP, our Comte cheese has a unique satiny, ivory-coloured body and a wonderful taste all its own.

Epoisse AOP

Epoisse is a strong cow’s milk cheese which was first made in a monastery in the small village of Epoisses five centuries ago. From the seventeenth century onwards, the production of Epoisses was taken over by farmers. This is their know-how that makes it famous by creating a penetrating aroma, with notes of undergrowth. In the month, the body is soft and melting, with a crumblier central area if the cheese is young. Its flavour is subtle, fruity, and balanced. It feels deliciously creamy on the palate.


Discover more of our PDO cheeses!

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