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Time to make the perfect Raclette dinner

Fact: The word raclette is both the name of the cheese and the name of the dish itself.

What is Raclette Cheese?

 While Switzerland produces the majority of raclette, French Raclette cheese has a rich history that begins in the heart of the Alps in France. Raclette name comes from the French verb ‘racler’ which means ‘to scrape’. It's an allusion to the way in which the melted cheese is scraped from the half-wheel.

This brownish-orange coloured cheese has a very distinctive aromatic smell with a creamy texture. Made traditionally from cow’s milk, Raclette Cheese is a tasty semi-hard cheese!

How to serve Raclette cheese?

In addition to the famous potatoes on which the melted raclette cheese is usually served, Raclette is prepared with charcuterie and/or grilled vegetables such as tomatoes, asparagus..etc not to mention the famous cornichons and pickles!

Raclette is a really fun meal to share with your friends and the preparation is very easy because there is no cooking in advance, except to boil your potatoes. There are many ways to make a raclette so...

How do you make your Raclette? What ingredients do you use?

Let us know what you like to eat with the Raclette Cheese and don’t hesitate to send us a picture, we’ll share it with our community (@foodbydeliss).



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