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Saucisson : Why do we love it so much?

Also known in Australia as "French salami", Saucisson is somewhat similar to some Italian salami.

WARNING: However, please never called it a salami in front of your French friends or they will never talk to you ever again ;-)


Where saucisson sec comes from?

Saucisson, which gets its name from salsus (salty in Latin) has been made in France since the Roman times when France, called "La Gaule", was part of the Roman empire. Saucisson recipes and techniques were found during this period of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago.

The Romans fell in love with French porks and started to produce their cured meats in France.  This period of history certainly marks the beginning of the saucisson. Nowadays, more than 110,000 tons of saucisson sec are eaten in France every year.

What is saucisson sec?

There are many different varieties of saucisson that can be found in France. According to traditions and regions, there are many varieties of Saucissons depending on the manufacturing process but also on the meat used. Each region independently came up with its own ideas of seasoning depending on what’s available locally in terms of herbs, nuts, etc. Each of these saucissons have been perfected with passion over the centuries!

All these varieties have one thing in common… the ability to calm your rumbling stomach and on many occasions, be the perfect partner for a lovely glass of wine and a cheese plater.

Our saucisson sec is locally made following an old traditional French recipe.

In addition of being the only saucisson in Australia made with Certified Free-Range Pork, our saucissons are made from an old original French recipes from Philippe's family that originates from Ardeche.

"L'Ardeche" is an area in South East of France well known for its long tradition of agriculture, farming, and meat curing. As it is the case for many foods in France, our saucisson's recipe and techniques have been kept secret within the family and passed on from generation to generation in Philippe's family. When his children will be old enough they will carry on the family tradition.


How important is saucisson in French food culture?

More than a meat, saucisson is part of the French culture. It’s a symbol for France. You will find some in every single household as you will find baguette or cheese.

The popularity of saucisson stems from its strong association with the apéro (appetizer). French people love to eat saucisson at the end of the day when meeting their friends for a drink and some nibbles, to unwind and catch up.

Nothing could be as perfect as a slice of saucisson with your favourite piece of cheese and a special glass of wine.

Do you love saucisson as much as we do? 😀

Share you experience in the comment section below.  
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