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Best way to enjoy a French goûter!

Time for a French Goûter! 

Macarons for a French Goûter


Le Goûter is an old French tradition that comes from the French verb 'Goûter', which means 'to taste'. As you may know French people traditionally have their lunch between noon and 1pm and eat dinner around 8pm. So "Le Goûter" happens between these two meals, around 4pm. It could be the equivalent to the British afternoon tea.

 le goûter

What do French people eat for Le Goûter?

Most of the time, children as well as adults like to eat something sweet for Le Goûter! It might be patisseries such as macarons, caneles, beignets, crêpes or pastries such as pain au chocolat or croissant or just some bread and butter with jam without forgetting some fruits and a drink (fruit juice, tea, a bowl of milk, hot chocolate...) 


What about something more savoury? 

If you prefer something more savoury, it is up to you! You can get a slice of bread with butter and saucisson or just a slice of bread with pâtés or rillettes. Some also like to get some cheese for Le Goûter!

Some examples of sweet and savoury menus:


  • Bowl of milk + pain au chocolat + bananas
  • Tea + caneles + 1 yoghurt
  • Glass of water + 1 yoghurt + macarons
  • Cheese slices + apple juice
  • Bread with butter + saucisson + apple
  • Etc...

Deliss Artisan French Food is selling all sweet and savoury products you need to enjoy Le Goûter!


All pastries and bakery products are available for Brisbane Metro Delivery only: French BaguetteFrench butter croissant, French almond croissant, chocolate croissant, chocolate twist, French large snail.

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